MONOPOLY USA 2013 3.8.6

Play the USA Monopoly Game on your PC with friends and family.

Play the USA Monopoly Game on your PC with friends and family.

Play the most famous board game, Monopoly, on PC with your friends and family members. If you are used to play monopoly without pc, or if you never played it, in two cases you will be very excited and will enjoy it. It is exactly like the normal US Monopoly but on PC. So you can do everything you want. This game give you the opportunity to become rich, to own all streets in the USA, to become the man number one ! And everybody wish to be in your place, you own everything and everybody pay you on each step they do. So start now and bring other player. With the same rules than the ordinary Monopoly, this game is very easy to understand: buying & selling lands, paying banks, getting money from other player or bank, and building houses etc..

Multiplayer with all the Monopoly functionalities, it is exactly like playing the real Monopoly game with all its rules and details.

This is also totally free.

Kids, young people but aged people too. Users who want to play Monopoly on their computer.

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MONOPOLY USA 2013 3.8.6

User reviews about MONOPOLY USA 2013

  • Drake Stanton

    by Drake Stanton


    Absolutely horrible. You cannot buy properties, a KEY feature of the board game. Useless. Never download this..   More.

  • shadyassassin

    by shadyassassin

    "ugly and not worth downloading"

    not worth the download.. looks ugly and horrible interface plus its only 2 player so u have to control both.. go find...   More.

  • arul.fadly

    by arul.fadly

    "like this game.."

    i think, this game its very good version tank's....   More.